Who We Are

Bayan Translation in Brief

Bayan Translation, a division of Bayan Group, is an all-Inclusive language, translation, interpreting and content provider with an exceptional record of delivering premium quality services.

For the past 20 years, we have been providing the world’s top brands of organizations and businesses, in a wide variety of industries, with crafty language and culture expertise to boost their global presence, activities and communication.

Since 2003, Bayan Translation’s areas of functionality have developed from merely providing written bilingual translation to a limited market segment and territory, to becoming a reliable provider of sophisticated multilingual translation, interpreting, content and beyond extending to full management of interpreting events.

Besides our history and expertise, what makes Bayan Translation stands out in the market is the exceptional emphasis we give to human capital and quality management. We adopt robust ISO-based policies and procedures that helps our experts take extra miles in supporting our partners’ pursuit of success.

On a parallel track, caring for the community has never been away from our courses of action. Under CSR-umbrella, we have been in support of our community in four main areas, namely: translation for academic research, training of senior university language students, supporting university language school councils to develop labor-market-driven education scenarios, and translation community organization.

At Bayan Translation, we focus on turning corporate values into action. We are proud the work we do helps organizations achieve sustainable success and contributes to the welfare of the global community.”

Learn More about MissionVisionValues of Bayan Translation

We have long-term goals for Bayan Translation to achieve integration and sustainability regarding Translation and Content Development services and products for our various clientele base in the Middle East.


To develop and provide uniquely-positioned language services and products in support of global development activities and practices, fulfill the needs of our clients and partners, and sustain a remarkable profitability of our business.


As an all-in-one factory of language services, we work to be the absolute top one in Egypt, among the top 20 in the Arab World, and one of the top 100 global vendors by 2026.


In light of Bayan Translation’s recent developments and the adoption of an ambitious strategy for 2020 – 2025, we have reshaped a new perspective for our corporation culture and values to reflect our mission and set the principles to achieve our vision.

Bayan Translation boast of the values that dictate our behavior and course of action, guide our organization’s internal conduct and govern our relationship with all stakeholders including, clients, partners, colleagues, vendors/suppliers and community at large.

To improve our company’s overall effectiveness at work, we’ve established a culture in which we take the full responsibility for our own actions, decisions, and plans. Our company succeeds because of employees who take the personal responsibility for doing the right things and receive dedicated support from the top management.

There is a strong relationship between accountability and excellent performance among our employees in the business.

One of our primary goals at Bayan Translation is to preserve work-life balance for our staff so that they can meet job obligations as well as family and personal commitments. As a result, Bayan Group have undertaken efforts aimed at prioritizing the finest work-life balance methods and models.

At Bayan Translation, we have taken a unique strategy that begins with the leadership’s dedication to improving the well-being of our employees.

Mutual commitment exists between the leadership and the staff, with both remaining dedicated to the overall mission, vision, values, and goals established at Bayan Translation, which is one of the key components in our company’s success.

Our shared dedication has a significant influence on Bayan Translation’s outstanding performance.

As part of Bayan Translation’s corporate social responsibility, we have launched a number of programs to give back to the community, such as offering translation services at low or no cost to the scientific research students.

Furthermore, Bayan Translation has sponsored significant events for the Egyptian translators.

At Bayan Translation, we are proud of our dedication to fostering a varied and inclusive atmosphere in which individuals of all religions, races, languages, and nations can flourish and grow, since we see diversity as a source of strength rather than weakness in our business.

We believe that diversity creates enormous potential for both the organization and its employees.

Through collaboration, Bayan Translation provide the staff with the full authority to create, act, and make decisions within the organization. We offer knowledge, resources, and opportunities to our employees in order for them to work in the best interests of our customers.

We take pride in providing an empowering atmosphere in which our employees can positively contribute to the overall goals of the organization.

Bayan Translation’s vision is highly reliant on innovations in every domain of the products and services provided. We have committed significant resources to establishing an innovative community in which all employees can contribute new procedures, ideas, and services to better people’s lives.

Since our foundation, we have embraced the innovation culture, with the goal of being one of the top innovative businesses in the Middle East by 2025.

We boast of an integrated culture of honesty, integrity, transparency, and total harmony in all situations. We have a solid set of principles, norms, and moral guidelines that all of our employees, from the top to the bottom, follow consistently.

Our employees believe in doing the right thing in all circumstances to maintain a healthy work environment so that we can serve our partners professionally and effectively.

We have implemented the tightest safety precautions across our workplace to protect our employees and customers from any potential hazards. Bayan Translation has adopted all elements that contribute to the health and safety of all employees working on-site.

We have created a safe and secure environment that is devoid of any risk or harm.

Self-development is how people enhance their skills and qualities in order to realize and maximize their potential.
Bayan Translation encourages constant self-improvement activities due to its major effect on individuals’ growth, success and value.

Bayan Group FOUNDER & CEO

Dr. Muhammad Fadel

Founder & CEO

In modern times, under the explosion of information and communication technology, translation still plays a major role in global multi-lateral communication. Countries and organizations alike are prompted to bring for effective use of the full potential of information in order to keep prosperous in today’s age of digitally-enabled knowledge. The world everyday undergoes major economic, social, political, and technological transformations achieve sustainable development. Yet, no development could be attained globally without translation. Therefore, nations invest heavily in translation and related language technology as a means to achieve national ROI in different forms.

For 20 years Bayan Translation has been employing almost 480 vendors from 69 nationalities, including Ph.D., MA and MBA degrees with accumulated staff experience of 1,656 years. Such human capital power enabled us to work for 1.2 million man/hour to create and develop knowledge as large as 384 million words in 28 working languages and 280 language directions. We have been supporting almost 2.3 thousand clients from 36 countries, communicating with 79 global sub-cultures in almost 170 industry and specialization.


Meet Our Team

Our teamwork is the secret that makes Bayan Translation achieve outstanding results

Dr. Raafat Youssef

Chief Business Director

Rim A.Wafa

Head of Translation Division


Nermeen Roushdy

Human Capital Director

Amr Hatem

Admin & Finance Director


Omar Taher

Operations Director


Hagar Salah

Vendor Manager

Mohamed Fawzi

Head of Content Division

Bassem Ihab

Sales Manager


Noha Hany

Interpreting and Events Coordinator

Digital Marketing Consultant

Ahmed Metwally

Head of Digital Marketing

Mostafa Waheed

Language Technology Team Leader

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly essential element with a high priority for any developing organization. Through the lens of CSR, an organization contributes back to society.


Bayan Translation has a deep-rooted belief in corporate social responsibility to shape a better world. Since incorporation in 2003, Bayan has practiced CSR in many different ways including the following:

Bayan Group Academic Research Support

Academic Research

Bayan Translation has provided various forms of financial support for many activities related to Academic Research. For instance, in cases of translation projects ordered for scientific research purposes, Bayan Translation granted considerable discounts up to 100%. In this domain, we have cooperated with researchers from Cairo University, Ain Shams Universities and others.

Bayan Group Education Support

Learning & Education

Bayan Translation has always been an active community supporter of the development of educational processes at state-run faculties. we supported Al Alsun Faculty of Ain Shams University in terms of linking students’ curricular activities to the labor market and granting them free training at our head office in Cairo.

Bayan Group Community Events

Community Development

Bayan Translation has actively contributed to the translation community events including the celebration of Translator’s Day. We have been a key supporter of the development of Egypt’s translation industry and community since incorporation in 2003.

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