How To Buy Translation

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How To Buy Translation

Communication and Translation go hand in hand for the global success and expansion of any business; in order to attract international customers and maximize your profit, your leads need to be addressed in a language they are familiar with and can easily understand. On this account, choosing a reliable translation provider is of fundamental importance, it directly reflects on your brand’s weight and business performance. 

A reliable translation provider makes sure your business image, values and message are being perceived accurately and clearly as it implements quality assurance procedures to each and every project in the purpose of providing translation with the highest level of quality and linguistic accuracy. In addition, it employs professional human translators, editors and subject matter experts to provide an efficient and time saving service.

Professional human translators 

Despite being available and free, machine translation tools are not very reliable. On one hand, they have a hard time breaking down informal language and subtext including conversations, videos, puns, and hints. On the other hand, they can’t fathom the nuance of a language or the context of any given situation or content. Human translators, on the contrary, engage with both formal and informal language, localize websites, and adjust your brand’s tone of voice according to the target culture. Furthermore, human translators are language experts who understand the under meaning of words and the undertone of speech, they specialize in different fields such as marketing, medicine, law, economics, finance and legal, which helps them translate industry-specific terms accurately.  

Impeccable Translation process 

When looking for a translation provider, you have to choose one that masters the three main stages of translation: translating, editing, and proofreading. 

Translating: where translators use their skills and expertise to perform their set tasks of rendering texts from one language into another professionally and effectively. 

Editing: where linguists revise the initial work of translation looking for any errors; besides, they make sure the outcome of the first stage is done in a consistent uniform manner. 

Proofreading: where they make sure that everything is in place; they focus on every detail including the form, format, spelling and images.   

 A qualified project manager 

Translation is not a one phase service, it’s an ongoing process that requires constant communication throughout the project, a credible translation provider will assign your project to a qualified experienced project manager who will manage the translation, editing, reviewing process, meets deadlines and assures linguistic accuracy. 

Quality Control

To err is human, and that is why every reputable translation provider implements a quality assurance process to each and every project. They are a set of procedures put in place to make sure the service provided meets the clients’ expectations and standards. Such procedures include acknowledging the clients’ needs, standards and instructions, reviewing the content at a factual and linguistic level, and testing the translated documents. In essence, these are the main four things to look for when choosing a translation provider that would meet all your translation needs. 



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